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Pottery Workshops in Busselton

Looking to learn the art of pottery and ceramics? 

Pottery is a slow, mindful and therapeutic art form perfect for all ages and abilities.

Workshops are small, informative and free flowing allowing everyone the time and space to create something truly unique and special.

Pick below what you would like to make and let me know a date that works for you. 

Gift vouchers & Group Bookings Available


Workshops are held in The Mermaids Cave Busselton, 

The first day is getting messy and creating your masterpieces!

The second day will be held 1-2 weeks later once your work has slowly dried and had its first firing in the kiln, if your not local to Busselton or unable to return for glazing just pick your colours on the day and I will glaze for you.

Evening workshops make great parties, bridal showers and baby showers where you can make beautiful gifts or wedding favors together.